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This Broad is French !!


Top Ten Reasons You LOVE the French Broad River

10. She supplies over 1 million people with drinking water.

9. She is an extremist. Starts off in wettest and flows through the driest counties of North Carolina

8. What better place to wash away your worries that in the third-oldest river in the world?

7. The River is one of the few places you can play all day and never pay an entrance fee.

6. Her banks are the flattest place around, and one of the best to ride a bike or run.

5. Hellbenders are free to see but in Japan they could cost you $3000.

4. She is a true philanthropist; receives waste, rejuvenates and continues to serve by nurturing all.

3. You can no longer smell her before you can see her.

2. She is no longer a Trashy Broad.

1. She has the best network in town, with over 4000 miles of streams and tributaries.

You’ll find this list and more information at the ByWater — just look for the RiverLink information kiosks.


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