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2010 Asheville City Plan


The first Master Plan for the City of Asheville, North Carolina was prepared by well-known urban planner, Dr. John Nolan. This Master Plan was intended to be a “groundwork of ideas tentatively designed to improve existing situations in Asheville and largely control the future growth of the City.”  Years later in 1948, the City of Asheville adopted it’s first zoning ordinance.  In 1977, the City planning staff prepared a land use plan for the City. But not until 1985, during a comprehensive dialogue with the Citizens of Asheville, did we all collectively answer the question…”What do you want your City to look like in 2010?”

Many of us were authors of this new 2nd Master Plan…City Leaders, Planning Staff, 140 member Alternatives for Asheville Committee and most importantly ~ Our Citizens. 

I, for one was a bit speechless when I awoke this year on January 1, 2010. For at the time when we were 1,200 strong in school auditoriums around town, dreaming of the Asheville we wanted….2010, seemed so far away.

But we are here and WOW!

Our mountain City is cherished, admired and highly sought after as a hometown. Our Downtown is a model for others.We are a vibrant, eclectic and soulful City! We embrace our history and we challenge ourselves to be open to new paths.

As this famous 2010 Plan Year comes to an end, I want to say thank you Asheville for dreaming BIG!

I am proud to have helped record your vision!


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